Rebecca Bridal Portraits

June 3, 2017

Kenny moved to Fort Worth to attend the seminar school studying biblical counseling, and he started attending my church. We became friends after my sister invited the college group over for her birthday. Shortly after, he got permission from my dad to pursue me, and we began dating!
8 months later Kenny told me we were going on a fancy date, and in the back of my head I was thinking maybe this is it—maybe it’s THE date! While trying not to get my hopes up, I wanted to be prepared for anything. So after I got off work I took a shower and me and my sister treated my mom to get our nails done (we never do that) as a Mother’s Day present. I had bought a black dress specifically for this night, and when Charissa asked what I would do if it didn’t happen that night, I told her I would have to buy another new dress and have my nails redone if I could figure out when it might actually happen. Thank goodness I didn’t have to spend that money again. 😉
Kenny had made reservations at Del Frisco’s Grille, and planned to use the valet service for the first time. We noticed some traffic building up and so he, being a little nervous about not making the reservation, started making small talk. “Tell me a secret.” “About what?” “…. Foliage. Tell me something I don’t know about plants.” So we just kept laughing at the strange small talk that was really pretty great.
When we did get to the valet, we got out of the car, he left the key on the seat for the valet, and closed the door. What he hadn’t realized was that he had locked the door. So his car was stuck in front of the valet service so we went to find help…after we had dinner.
The waitress brought us up to the second floor that overlooked Sundance Square. It was beautiful that time of evening! When we finished, our main waiter comes and says that he has something for us and puts down a huge slice of lemon cake with a candle on it! Kenny said, “he must think it’s my birthday,” and quickly pulled off the candle, blew it out, and tossed it on the table. During our dinner, I had put about 1 ½ lemons worth of lemon wedges in my water so I figured that’s why he chose that dessert, and had put the candle in it to make it fancier. I ate the cake carefully at first just in case he was being sneaky by hiding the ring in the cake, but after it didn’t seem like he was worried about it, I decided that it must not be in there. After the cake, he started small-talking again, while I was enjoying it because it was fun, I was also starting to think that it was probably not happening that night. Then after going back and forth about “secrets,” he said, “Well I’ve got a secret. One that I’ve kept very well, but everyone pretty much knows. It’s that I love you. And I have known that I love you since I talked to your dad about dating you…” a moment of silence. “And that’s all I have to say about that.”
I was speechless, I wanted so desperately to tell him YES! But that wasn’t the correct response in that moment…neither was crying. My thoughts were going a mile a second, and I did not want him to think that I was disappointed by any means, especially since that was the first time he told me he loved me! So I reached out and took his hand and told him that I love him too! He then said, “Good because that makes this a whole lot easier.” He got out of the booth, got down on one knee and said, “Rebecca, will you be my wife?” Of course I said “Yes!” and hugged him, and he kissed me for the first time as well! The crowd went wild!
Then I saw a friend of mine, Matthew, taking pictures, and the waiter came over to give us the best wine on the house (to which I politely told him that I was 20, and Kenny told him that he doesn’t drink). Another waiter came over to us and informed us that another guest wanted to treat us to another meal at Del Frisco’s and gave us a $100 gift card!
Then we waited for AAA to come rescue the keys out of the car because he had one more place to take me and he hoped that it wasn’t closed (it was pretty close to 10 pm if not after by the time AAA showed up).
When we got in his car, he grabbed one of his button up shirts in the back of his car as a blindfold for me so that the last place would be a complete surprise. Finally, he took off my blindfold and we were standing on my front porch, and when he opened the door, so many of my friends were there! And I got to share that moment with so many close friends and family. Friday the 13th, 2016 was THE perfect date, and with a wedding in Fort Worth, June 3, 2017 is the perfect date to start our family!
Wedding dress: Allure Bridals  From: Ava’s Bridal on Camp Bowie in Fort Worth
Florist: Pennie Miller
Hair and Make-up: Allison Loomis
Photography by Dallas wedding photographer Adria Lea Photography


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