Haunah and Jamison Engagement

May 26, 2017

“Beginning of 2013 I met Jamison at reservoir in Fort Worth, he was visiting for work. He hit on me for 15 minutes before I actually made eye contact with him. We couldn’t take our eyes off of each other the rest of the night! We noticed immediately that our lives were going to correlate in the near future. I thought I was headed to San Francisco on a sabbatical from my mothers recent passing to yoga train, and when I realized his residence was in San Francisco I knew it was fate. I was so scared of what I knew this was that I ignored him for two days after we met. When I finally answered his call I found out he was at the DFW airport leaving in 1.5 hours. I was nearby and didn’t want to miss the chance of something so real so I hightailed it DFW for what we call our first date at terminal C!! It was the first of many. Since he lived in SF and I lived in Fort Worth, long distance dating would be hard over the next few months but we managed to see each other every week until the big move! I moved to SF just 3 months after meeting him. We continued to fall in love with each other exploring the city, visiting Napa, Sonoma and the North Coast. Once my training came to an end I headed back to Texas, and we both knew I should’ve stayed. We were somewhat heart broken. We knew it wasn’t over. My move was only temporary. We tried long distance for a few months, and I would tag along on business trips. Then he finally asked for me to come live with him!! We lived together for several months before expecting our daughter Fiona. She made us fall in love all over again. On her first birthday in December 2016 we went back to Napa to visit and he asked me to marry him! He didn’t do any extravagant planning. It was “I’m feeling this moment and better lock her down on a whim” kind of magical moment. He let me design my ring and he had it made immediately.”

When Haunah sent me that story I literally felt like I just watched a really good movie!! I never thought I would be a part of a real life chick flick! Lol!! Thanks Haunah and Jamison!

Makeup by Amber Joy

Floral dress by Love Verity
Makeup by Amber Joy
Photography by Dallas Wedding Photographer Adria Lea Photography


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