Rachael and Blake Engagement

March 11, 2017

“Blake and I are all about going on “Little Adventures” for special occasions and decided on Ruidoso, New Mexico as the destination for my 27th birthday weekend adventure. With a little research we found that a zip-line had recently opened up at the ski resort, a must-do for an adventure weekend, right?! I was a little bit hesitant (I’m quite the scaredy-cat) but knew I’d be disappointed if I wimped out, so I called and booked us a spot for that Saturday. Blake took care of the other details of the weekend, planning the obligatory tourist stop in Roswell before we made our way into Ruidoso where he had booked us at the Inn of the Mountain Gods, a beautiful mountain resort with a lakeside view. So Saturday comes along and we made our way to Ski Apache. We met the crew and went through the short training, then off to the top of the mountain we went for the 3 line zip-tour. I was so nervous for the first one I was shaking, but finally it was our turn and with a countdown of 3,2,1 off we went! And it was AWESOME!! Just amazing views, incredible speed, and Blake howling all the way down. For the final run Blake suggested that we go last to soak up the experience. When it finally came our turn, Wynn the guide stopped me and said that my coat caused my equipment to become a bit loose and it needed to be tightened up. Of course I believed him and said yes sir please do, but it was really just a ploy to turn me around so that the other staff could hang Blake’s sign at the end of the run. Once Wynn got me all settled, he hooked us in and told us this was a day that we would never forget. As Wynn is counting down Blake tells me to make sure to look towards the finish on the way down and that’s when it hit me…it was real, he was proposing! I got about halfway down the line, saw the “Rachael, Will You Marry Me?” sign and the tears started flowing! We made it to the end where my sweet, loving Blake got down and one knee and asked me to marry him…and of course, I said YES!” 2017-03-11_0001.jpg
Dress: Dillard’s
Venue: The White Sparrow Barn


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