Emmy’s Adoption

March 8, 2017

Hi y’all! Today I am so unbelievably excited to get to share a crazy important part of my life with you: Emmy. Colt and I became foster parents a couple years ago, and have had to say goodbye to kids in some the hardest moments. Foster care has been hard. I don’t think you’re doing it right if it isn’t. Colt and I like to say that we love these kids like they are our own, and we grieve for them as if we lost a child. But these kids are worth every bit of it! We get to be their safe place, and the ones who help them bring back trust and show them the love of Jesus, that is never-ending and unrelenting.

When we got our sweet Emberlynn, we had no idea how long she would be with us. Initially, we thought she would go to family quickly, but God kept allowing us more and more time with her. I remember at one point thinking, “God, if she is going to leave, please make it happen quickly for her sake, and for ours.” But she stayed. The longer she was with us, the more we bonded.

I don’t want to say too much here, because you should really watch the amazing video Brandon Stewards Productions made for us. It kinda says it all. But I would like to say a few things about Emmy and what she is like: God has blessed her immensely with this insane amount of joy. Everywhere we go, strangers are pulling us aside and commenting on how happy and sweet she is. Her smile can change your world and light up a whole room. I have seen people who don’t like babies be drawn to her infectious smile. I mean, who wouldn’t be? Since we haven’t been able to do the month by month updates that most parents do while their babies grow up, I will tell you where she is right now: she loves her blankets and has to have them for comfort. But she doesn’t just cuddle with them, she puts a corner in her mouth and sucks on it, and she wakes from naps and bed with a soaking wet blanket. She is very strong-willed and knows exactly what she wants. If she doesn’t want to do something, there is no convincing her… it will not happen. She LOVES to climb, and she has no fear! Now we just need to get her to start walking. She will be 18 months old this month, and I cried today when Colt mentioned her turning 18 and going to college. We are so grateful that we have been trusted to be her parents. As a friend recently said to me, “God knew what he was doing when he created her, and he was preparing the perfect family for her.”

Head all the way down to see the video From Stewards Productions!

And of course, the amazing floral crown was made by Domonie with Wild Rose events

Hair and Makeup: Amber Joy MUA

Another HUGE thanks goes out to Jessica for taking these beautiful photos for us!


If you are considering fostering or adoption, I would be more than happy to talk to you and answer questions, so reach out to me!


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