Amanda and Troy Engagement by Dallas Wedding Photographer Adria Lea Photography

“I kind of knew it was going to happen. Hate to say it, but I had definitely been putting the pressure on. I had to put my two month’s notice in at my apartment and refused to move into our new condo until I was engaged! He eventually had to tell me it was coming up soon and to be patient. This lead him to do some research on ways to get engaged in Vegas. The week leading up to the trip my mind was going a million different ways. Countless sleepless nights wondering how in the world he was going to propose in Vegas. He is a super private person so I couldn’t see him doing it in front of anyone.He had mentioned taking a helicopter ride out to Hoover Dam and not even thinking that could be how we got engaged I immediately shut it down. I have suuuper bad motion sickness. This brought him back to the drawing board.

We landed in Vegas, got some dinner, and he wanted to walk across the street to see the Bellagio light show. I thought, “Maybe he will just do it while the fountain show was going on?”After the show ended I was a little angry wondering why hadn’t he just done it yet. Then I thought maybe it wasn’t going to happen this weekend after all and that just got me more angry/disappointed. He then made me walk all the way to the end of the fountain and then back. I was like what in the world is going on?! By that time I just wanted to get back to the hotel and sulk. Then, he started pulling me toward a caricaturist. I stood there with my arms crossed saying absolutely not. He kept telling me it would be fun and we could hang it on our wall and I was like we are NOT hanging that on our wall. Basically, I was acting like a total B. This was so unlike him. Why did he want a caricature drawing?! I seriously thought he was just drunk at this point (he wasn’t.. he was just acting nervous).

While the guy was drawing us he was trying to make small talk and I just wasn’t having it. I kept telling Troy he must be drunk to be making us do this. After sitting there for 10 min or so the guy was like ok I’m done, here it is. As he turned it around, Troy was on one knee proposing. It turns out, Troy had planned the entire thing before hand and had sent our picture in to this caricaturist (who has been doing it for 40 years!) I was in total shock!! The Strip was busy, and everyone was around us clapping. I then took his hand and led him away so we could have some time to ourselves (after I said yes, of course). I then cried on and off all night as Troy was able to finally tell me all the reasons he wanted to marry me and all the thought and research that he had done to find a way to completely surprise me.I wouldn’t have had it any other way because all I can remember after seeing him on one knee was that I couldn’t be happier….Now I just need to go back to Vegas and apologize to that caricaturist. Haha!”2017-06-26_0001.jpg
Amanda Miller with The Miller Affect
Flowers: Wild Rose Events
Dress: Rachel Zoe
Mens Shirt: Mizzen + Main

Jennifer and Don Prentiss Wedding Photographed by Dallas Wedding Photographer, Adria Lea Photography, and FEATURED with Style Me Pretty!

“Our story began back in High School (in Garland, TX), however we did not realize it at the time. We knew of each other, but our paths did not cross much. A few years passed after High School, and we ran across each other again during a birthday get-together on Lower Greenville in Dallas, TX. We dated a couple of times, but were geographically separated too much at the time to give it a serious try (Don was in the Air Force stationed at Wichita Falls, TX and Jennifer was living in Dallas, TX). Seven years later, we met up in Austin, TX (Jennifer came down with her girlfriend’s birthday and Don was living there). We both agreed that we needed to try dating seriously this time, and nearly every other weekend we were together in either Dallas or Austin for three years straight. We did everything together and made a lot of great memories. It was clear that the third time was a charm, and we had found the one that we had been looking for our whole lives (not knowing they had been there all along).

The proposal (07/02/2016) was surprise at the Harbor in Rockwall, with family on both sides prepped in secret (Don drew a map for family to park and hide safely out of view). We walked towards the movie theatre from the hotel and stopped in front of the fountain (Don took out some pennies and said, “Remember that one time we came here one of our first dates and tossed in coins for good luck? Jennifer said, “Yes I do.”). We then closed our eyes and made a wish and then tossed in the pennies (Don then turned to Jennifer and said, “Remember that one time we came here and I proposed to you?” He got down on one knee and said, “Will you marry me?” Jennifer covered her mouth in happiness and said “Yes!”). All the family them came running out of hiding sharing their congratulations.

The wedding day was the perfect family country wedding. It was exactly how we imagined, from the beginning to the end. It was such a blessing to have friends and family travel from near and far to be with us on that special day. Jennifer’s family did a remarkable job on custom building all the picnic style tables that were used for the reception (countless hours by the whole family). The First Look was one of the most emotional moments of the day, leaving both the Bride and Groom in unbearable anticipation. When we both saw each other, our hearts were full of love. Don was simply in awe of Jennifer. The ceremony was held outside in the most perfect day; we could not have asked for better weather. Don lost it when Jennifer came down the aisle to “A Thousand Years” in string quartet. The reception was full of laughter and good times with karaoke and dancing. The exit was lit with sparklers and well wishes as we waived good bye to all our loved ones. The perfect day, the perfect couple.”
Dress and veil designer: – Pallas Couture
Suit/Tux/Men’s Ties: – Vu’s Tailor
Jewelry: – Jared Galleria of Jewelry
Venue: – The White Sparrow Barn
Florals: The Southern Table
Bridal Shoes: – Aldo
Caterer: Soulman’s Barbeque
Cake: – Sugar Bee Sweets
Bridesmaid Dresses: – Nordstrom
DJ: – Party Time Texas – DJ Todd Payne
Hair and Makeup: – Makeup by Shilpa
Transportation: – Allpoints Corporate Express – Neil Arnold

Carolyn and Brandon Owens Wedding at The White Sparrow. Photographed by Dallas Wedding Photographer, Adria, with Adria Lea Photography.

“Brandon and I met through a mutual friend. She invited us both to her birthday party to introduce us and the rest is history! He always tells people that I couldn’t take my eyes off of him that night. But the only way he could know that is because he couldn’t take his eyes off of me either! Three years later we purchased the most beautiful 80 acres of land to start a cattle ranch. We worked HARD together to get the ranch started and it became our most favorite place to be. In November of 2016 we went out to the land to show it off to our family and close friends. But Brandon had another plan. In front of our family and closest friends Brandon dropped to one knee and proposed to me. It couldn’t have been a more perfect day!

Our wedding day was perfect! All we wanted was a fun night of celebration with all of our family and friends and that is exactly what we got. One moment that really stuck out to me was when Brandon’s best man was giving his speech. He told us to stand up and look around the room at everybody. To look in the eyes of all the people that love us enough to come from all over the United States to celebrate us. He said when life gets challenging think about that moment and all of the people we have around to support and love us. We’re so blessed to have all of these amazing people to go through life with!”

Dress and veil designer: WTOO top and Lillian West bottom From: Blushing Bride Boutique
Men’s Suit/Tux: Jos. A. Bank
Jewelry: Granny’s pearls, Kendra Scott earrings
Bridal Shoes: M.L. Leddy’s
Hair and Makeup: Natalia Issa
Flower girl dress: Etsy – WeddingCollection
Bridal party pre-wedding outfits: Etsy – DesignWithLuv
Bridesmaid Dresses: Weddington Way
Venue: The White Sparrow Barn
Florals: Wild Rose Events
Caterer: Hutchins BBQ
Cake: Stephanie, Cake flowers by Wild Rose Events, and Nothing Bundt Cakes
Cake topper: Etsy – AlexisMattoxDesign
Invitations: Vistaprint
DJ and Video: Steward’s Productions

Jaclyn and Shane met through her cousin who went to high school with Shane. Her cousin decided to be matchmaker and set them up on a blind date. They said that when they met that night it felt like they had known each other forever! It wasn’t but a year later that they went on a vacation with their family to the beach and her life become so..much..better!! Shane told her there was a photographer there to take family photos of everyone, so she was clueless. The photographer then tapped her on the shoulder and asked her to turn around, and much to her surprise was Shane down on one knee asking her to be his wife! SHE SAID YES, and now these two will make June 10, 2017 a lot more meaningful at an amazing Dallas wedding at The Milestone mansion!2017-06-09_0001.jpg
Dress: Demetrios From: Brides by Demetrios
Florist: Wild Rose Events
Hair: Pam Henrichsen at Abstrakt Studio @pamdeanhair
Makeup: Brittany Thompson Kroll at The Luxxe Look @ladybeekay
Jewelry: Glamorous Bijoux
Photography by Dallas Wedding Photographer Adria Lea Photography

Kenny moved to Fort Worth to attend the seminar school studying biblical counseling, and he started attending my church. We became friends after my sister invited the college group over for her birthday. Shortly after, he got permission from my dad to pursue me, and we began dating!
8 months later Kenny told me we were going on a fancy date, and in the back of my head I was thinking maybe this is it—maybe it’s THE date! While trying not to get my hopes up, I wanted to be prepared for anything. So after I got off work I took a shower and me and my sister treated my mom to get our nails done (we never do that) as a Mother’s Day present. I had bought a black dress specifically for this night, and when Charissa asked what I would do if it didn’t happen that night, I told her I would have to buy another new dress and have my nails redone if I could figure out when it might actually happen. Thank goodness I didn’t have to spend that money again. 😉
Kenny had made reservations at Del Frisco’s Grille, and planned to use the valet service for the first time. We noticed some traffic building up and so he, being a little nervous about not making the reservation, started making small talk. “Tell me a secret.” “About what?” “…. Foliage. Tell me something I don’t know about plants.” So we just kept laughing at the strange small talk that was really pretty great.
When we did get to the valet, we got out of the car, he left the key on the seat for the valet, and closed the door. What he hadn’t realized was that he had locked the door. So his car was stuck in front of the valet service so we went to find help…after we had dinner.
The waitress brought us up to the second floor that overlooked Sundance Square. It was beautiful that time of evening! When we finished, our main waiter comes and says that he has something for us and puts down a huge slice of lemon cake with a candle on it! Kenny said, “he must think it’s my birthday,” and quickly pulled off the candle, blew it out, and tossed it on the table. During our dinner, I had put about 1 ½ lemons worth of lemon wedges in my water so I figured that’s why he chose that dessert, and had put the candle in it to make it fancier. I ate the cake carefully at first just in case he was being sneaky by hiding the ring in the cake, but after it didn’t seem like he was worried about it, I decided that it must not be in there. After the cake, he started small-talking again, while I was enjoying it because it was fun, I was also starting to think that it was probably not happening that night. Then after going back and forth about “secrets,” he said, “Well I’ve got a secret. One that I’ve kept very well, but everyone pretty much knows. It’s that I love you. And I have known that I love you since I talked to your dad about dating you…” a moment of silence. “And that’s all I have to say about that.”
I was speechless, I wanted so desperately to tell him YES! But that wasn’t the correct response in that moment…neither was crying. My thoughts were going a mile a second, and I did not want him to think that I was disappointed by any means, especially since that was the first time he told me he loved me! So I reached out and took his hand and told him that I love him too! He then said, “Good because that makes this a whole lot easier.” He got out of the booth, got down on one knee and said, “Rebecca, will you be my wife?” Of course I said “Yes!” and hugged him, and he kissed me for the first time as well! The crowd went wild!
Then I saw a friend of mine, Matthew, taking pictures, and the waiter came over to give us the best wine on the house (to which I politely told him that I was 20, and Kenny told him that he doesn’t drink). Another waiter came over to us and informed us that another guest wanted to treat us to another meal at Del Frisco’s and gave us a $100 gift card!
Then we waited for AAA to come rescue the keys out of the car because he had one more place to take me and he hoped that it wasn’t closed (it was pretty close to 10 pm if not after by the time AAA showed up).
When we got in his car, he grabbed one of his button up shirts in the back of his car as a blindfold for me so that the last place would be a complete surprise. Finally, he took off my blindfold and we were standing on my front porch, and when he opened the door, so many of my friends were there! And I got to share that moment with so many close friends and family. Friday the 13th, 2016 was THE perfect date, and with a wedding in Fort Worth, June 3, 2017 is the perfect date to start our family!
Wedding dress: Allure Bridals  From: Ava’s Bridal on Camp Bowie in Fort Worth
Florist: Pennie Miller
Hair and Make-up: Allison Loomis
Photography by Dallas wedding photographer Adria Lea Photography