Yuch Bridal Portraits

September 27, 2017

Yuch Bridal Portraits

by Dallas Wedding Photographer, Adria Lea Photography


Yuch and Doug were matched online, and she would be Doug’s first and last date through OKCupid! It must have been love at first sight, because within a month he moved to an apartment closer to her, and shorly after, she decided what the heck, I’m moving in! A couple years later Doug was ready to propose, and it couldn’t be more perfect than to do it while visiting her family in China. He was able to get permission from her parents before leaving for the trip, and man was he nervous about transporting that ring all the way to China! All three of them made it safely (her, him, and the ring), and it happened to be the week of Valentine’s Day. They visited family, did a lot of touring, and ended up visiting the Terracotta Soldiers on Valentine’s Day. Afterwards they returned back to their hotel where they would exchange gifts. Yuch gave him a Terracotta Soldier keepsake, and he dropped to a knee and gave her a RING! Of course she said yes!

Yuch said that she wanted to look like a princess, and oh man, she did just that!! That bridal crown and gloves will give you all the feels! And don’t forget to look closely at that dress…it has shades of pink in it!! She really did take my breath away when she showed up that day, and I’m so lucky to know this sweet bride!

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Venue: The Castle at Rockwall
Florist: Wild Rose Events

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