Taylor and James Wedding

December 11, 2018

Taylor and James’ wedding is the definition of unique, and probably not the way you are thinking! As you scroll through this wedding, you will find the story of how this day unfolded. 

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Taylor was a trooper like I have never seen. I’m sure you could not tell up to now that Taylor was battling food poisoning all day! I was informed by one of her bridesmaids just before I started that Taylor was really sick and running behind. So sick, in fact, that she was having to take breaks during hair/makeup in order to throw up.

Immediately, her bridesmaid and I started brainstorming some ways to make the day happen for her. When and where could we take the photos so that she was able to rest and get a break? What photos were the most important in case we had limited time?

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During wedding party photos, she had to take a couple breaks, and for the ceremony a bucket was placed at the front just in case- and the officiant was informed to make the ceremony the fastest anyone has ever seen (and it was). With every ounce of energy left in her, she walked down the aisle, and married the man of her dreams. She pushed through formal photos with family, and then she couldn’t do any more.

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As her guests enjoyed her reception and her mom relived it as her own(with her permission), she sat by the toilet in her bride robe with her new husband, and greeted any guests who dared come into the bridal suite to see her. She smiled, laughed, and suffered through the sickness to attempt to enjoy this once in a lifetime experience .

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She finally mustered up enough strength to walk into the reception in her pajamas for a memorable first dance, and was able to sit at the sweetheart table for some beautiful speeches. She didn’t get to taste the food, or cut her cake. She spent the rest of the time in her suite until the grand exit.

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She held it together, enjoyed herself as much as she could, and received nothing but love from her family, friends, and husband, James! Let me just add…she looked absolutely gorgeous regardless of how bad she was feeling! I certainly could not ever pull that off! 

With communication and understanding from the venue, we were able to pull off a photo shoot of the two of them in their wedding attire after the honeymoon, since she didn’t have the strength that day. I am so excited with how the photos turned out, so be sure to check back on the blog next week to see them. 


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