Eile’s Newborn

May 26, 2018

Eile’s Newborn

Hey it’s me again! Did you think I had disappeared forever? This season of life with the new baby and crazy busy work hasn’t left much time for the blog, or even social media for that matter. But as the summer days get hotter and my photoshoots slow down, I plan on getting back on the ball as soon as I’m caught up with editing!

Sooooo Eile is now 10 weeks old and I have been so swamped that I can’t believe I haven’t even posted her newborn photos that I am so proud of! I will be the very first to admit here that I am no expert at all things photography. I obviously specialize in weddings and while I am always trying to educate myself and challenge myself there daily, there are other photography specialties that I love to dabble in as well. 

When I became pregnant with Eile, I knew that I wanted to take her newborn photos. I am no stranger to lifestyle newborn photoshoots but I wanted specialized studio style posed newborn photos. I purchased all of these online tutorials on posing and how to be extra safe with new babies, and planned on learning all of it when I went on maternity leave about a month out from my due date. Life obviously had other plans and Eile arrived 3 weeks early! I found myself waking up one day and realizing that it was now or never or I wouldn’t ever have newborn photos of my sweet baby. It hurts so bad that I don’t have any of my Emmy. 

So what did I do? Once again (see Eile’s Birth) I reached out to an amazing group of photographers and put out an SOS for a birth photographer to come to my home and mentor me through a session with Eile. Newborn posing is very difficult and can be dangerous, so it is really important that you seek training with someone with a lot of experience! I was thrilled when Megan Eidson of Blush Little Baby Photography responded that she was available! She walked me through everything step by step and even taught me how she edits her sessions, which is very different from the minimal editing I usually do for my weddings (and need for this style of photo). 

Domonie of Wild Rose Events came to the rescue as usual with the insanely beautiful flowers at the end of the session! I am so in love with these and can’t wait to try out some of the things I learned on more babies! Hey, if you reach out here soon, I may even be looking for some babies to practice on for discounted sessions if you’re interested!

And now for the moment you have all been waiting for:



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