Amanda and Troy Engagement

June 26, 2017

Amanda and Troy Engagement

by Dallas Wedding Photographer Adria Lea Photography


“I kind of knew it was going to happen. Hate to say it, but I had definitely been putting the pressure on. I had to put my two month’s notice in at my apartment and refused to move into our new condo until I was engaged! He eventually had to tell me it was coming up soon and to be patient. This lead him to do some research on ways to get engaged in Vegas. The week leading up to the trip my mind was going a million different ways. Countless sleepless nights wondering how in the world he was going to propose in Vegas. He is a super private person so I couldn’t see him doing it in front of anyone.He had mentioned taking a helicopter ride out to Hoover Dam and not even thinking that could be how we got engaged I immediately shut it down. I have suuuper bad motion sickness. This brought him back to the drawing board.

We landed in Vegas, got some dinner, and he wanted to walk across the street to see the Bellagio light show. I thought, “Maybe he will just do it while the fountain show was going on?”After the show ended I was a little angry wondering why hadn’t he just done it yet. Then I thought maybe it wasn’t going to happen this weekend after all and that just got me more angry/disappointed. He then made me walk all the way to the end of the fountain and then back. I was like what in the world is going on?! By that time I just wanted to get back to the hotel and sulk. Then, he started pulling me toward a caricaturist. I stood there with my arms crossed saying absolutely not. He kept telling me it would be fun and we could hang it on our wall and I was like we are NOT hanging that on our wall. Basically, I was acting like a total B. This was so unlike him. Why did he want a caricature drawing?! I seriously thought he was just drunk at this point (he wasn’t.. he was just acting nervous).

While the guy was drawing us he was trying to make small talk and I just wasn’t having it. I kept telling Troy he must be drunk to be making us do this. After sitting there for 10 min or so the guy was like ok I’m done, here it is. As he turned it around, Troy was on one knee proposing. It turns out, Troy had planned the entire thing before hand and had sent our picture in to this caricaturist (who has been doing it for 40 years!) I was in total shock!! The Strip was busy, and everyone was around us clapping. I then took his hand and led him away so we could have some time to ourselves (after I said yes, of course). I then cried on and off all night as Troy was able to finally tell me all the reasons he wanted to marry me and all the thought and research that he had done to find a way to completely surprise me.I wouldn’t have had it any other way because all I can remember after seeing him on one knee was that I couldn’t be happier….Now I just need to go back to Vegas and apologize to that caricaturist. Haha!” 2017-06-26_0001.jpg
Amanda Miller with The Miller Affect
Flowers: Wild Rose Events
Dress: Rachel Zoe
Mens Shirt: Mizzen + Main


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