Kerri and Tyler Rinehart Wedding

April 10, 2017

The Proposal:

Six weeks. That is how long I waited to hear the words ” will you marry me”? Y’all are probably thinking, wait how did you know? That’s a little weird. Well my dad really LOVES Tyler and he couldn’t keep his mouth shut. So cat’s outta the bag, the dream question was coming. Every weekend, I had my nails done, always had a flattering outfit on and anytime he did something out of the ordinary, I started sweating and shaking and tearing up a bit thinking ” holy moly, this it is!” But it was always a false alarm. No joke, one time he was really just be tying his shoelace. I was literally starting to lose my mind. I knew he was going to propose, but when?!

Well, for a girl who was on alert sniffing out the proposal, he did a FANTASTIC job of surprising me. I’m a flight attendant and one trip I actually brought him along with me because we had a layover in San Diego. We stayed at the beautiful West Gate downtown and by sheer luck were upgraded to the presidential suite! They had accidentally given our rooms away and were completely sold out. I have to credit my bold friend and fellow flight attendant who handled it perfectly and asked, “do you have the suites available”? I looked at her like she was crazy. No way would this is very prestigious hotel, booked solid, give us the suites. As you know, I sure put my foot in my mouth because minutes later we opened the doors to a magical luxury homestead fit for a queen! Tyler and I were amazed by how absolutely beautiful this room was. It was perfect for the weekend I didn’t even know was coming. Once we soaked up the glory of the room, we went out to enjoy San Diego. We had lunch out by the beach, laid out by the ocean, came back to the hotel and went for a swim in the pool. It was the perfect day.

Back at the hotel to unwind, I noticed Tyler was out on the balcony. Wearing my pajamas, hair up in a towel and no make up, I go to join him. It was a beautiful sunset, overlooking the city and water. I come up behind him and notice he has tears in his eyes. I thought something happened! “Tyler what’s wrong?” … of course nothing was wrong because you all KNOW what’s coming next!

My handsome man got down on one knee and said, “I can’t wait any longer…will you marry me?” I fell instantly into an ugly-girl cry followed by a resounding YES. He puts his grandma’s ring on my finger and I cannot even describe the feeling. We enjoyed the sunset and first moments as an engaged couple in perfect Kerri-Tyler fashion… Dominos pizza delivery and a glass of wine! Eating pizza while sitting in the presidential suite at the West Gate with my fiancé was totally worth the wait!

The Wedding Day:

What a blur. A very incredible, happy, full of love blur. That is how I describe my wedding day. I don’t remember all the fine details but I do remember the special moments. I remember hanging out with my girls, feeling like it was the best sleep over ever. I remember taking a sneak peak at Tyler through the window upstairs with his mom and crying happy tears with her. I remember seeing my dad for the first time in my wedding gown and being so overthrown with emotion I thought I was going to lose an eyelash. I remember Tyler and I reading our letters to each other thinking how lucky am I? I remember Tyler whispering a joke in my ear when we exchanged vows and bursting with laughter. I remember the toast my dad gave and my heart overflowing with love. I remember dancing with family and friends wishing the night would last forever. And I remember escaping in a limo with my husband, excited to begin our life together. But I also remember that it was over in an instant. It might not sound like it, but it happened so fast. I tried to take time throughout the day to cherish these moments, but in reality, the day goes as fast as any other day. When I was planning this wedding, I remember thinking that I wanted to make sure that I had a photographer that I could trust to capture these moments. Photos capture moments that we can look back on throughout the years and relive those emotions. We can remember what we thought we forgot, all because of an image. These photos are extra special to us, not only because it was our wedding day, but also because it was the last time all of our families could come together. Shortly after our wedding, Tyler’s dad passed away from stage-four lung cancer. Larry always expressed that he wanted to see his only son marry the love of his life before he went on to heaven. And we are so thankful that we did just that. It was a phenomenal day and we are so blessed we could share it with the people we love most. Even though it went by so fast, we are grateful for that amazing day, and the photos that we will treasure forever.



Dress and veil designer: Maggie Sottero – From: Lasting Bridal Couture

Groom’s Suit/Tux: Tommy Hilfiger- Mens Wearhouse

Groomsmen Suit/Tux: Joesph Abboud Men’s Wearhouse

Jewelry: Lasting Bridal Couture

Bridal Shoes: Dream Pairs Taylers- Amazon

Hair and Makeup: Beloved Beauty Hair & Makeup by Amy Patrice

Flower girl dress: Nordstrom

Bridal party pre-wedding outfits: LuvKraftsCreations – shop on Etsy

Bridesmaid Dresses: Vera Wang White- David’s Bridal

Venue: Diamond H3 Ranch

Florals: Consider the Lilies Events- Kathy Zander

Caterer: Coburns Catering

Cake: Texas Star Bakery

Invitations: Tag Line Advertising

DJ: Toast Entertainment DJ Mike Riley

Videographer: Veri- an app


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