“Beginning of 2013 I met Jamison at reservoir in Fort Worth, he was visiting for work. He hit on me for 15 minutes before I actually made eye contact with him. We couldn’t take our eyes off of each other the rest of the night! We noticed immediately that our lives were going to correlate in the near future. I thought I was headed to San Francisco on a sabbatical from my mothers recent passing to yoga train, and when I realized his residence was in San Francisco I knew it was fate. I was so scared of what I knew this was that I ignored him for two days after we met. When I finally answered his call I found out he was at the DFW airport leaving in 1.5 hours. I was nearby and didn’t want to miss the chance of something so real so I hightailed it DFW for what we call our first date at terminal C!! It was the first of many. Since he lived in SF and I lived in Fort Worth, long distance dating would be hard over the next few months but we managed to see each other every week until the big move! I moved to SF just 3 months after meeting him. We continued to fall in love with each other exploring the city, visiting Napa, Sonoma and the North Coast. Once my training came to an end I headed back to Texas, and we both knew I should’ve stayed. We were somewhat heart broken. We knew it wasn’t over. My move was only temporary. We tried long distance for a few months, and I would tag along on business trips. Then he finally asked for me to come live with him!! We lived together for several months before expecting our daughter Fiona. She made us fall in love all over again. On her first birthday in December 2016 we went back to Napa to visit and he asked me to marry him! He didn’t do any extravagant planning. It was “I’m feeling this moment and better lock her down on a whim” kind of magical moment. He let me design my ring and he had it made immediately.”

When Haunah sent me that story I literally felt like I just watched a really good movie!! I never thought I would be a part of a real life chick flick! Lol!! Thanks Haunah and Jamison!

Makeup by Amber Joy

Floral dress by Love Verity
Makeup by Amber Joy
Photography by Dallas Wedding Photographer Adria Lea Photography

Shannyn and I met in high school almost twelve years ago. We were immediately drawn to each other. Unfortunately, after a few short months together, we were not able to make it work. In my eyes now, I am glad it did not work out then. Our time apart smoothed out the rough edges and allowed us to become the perfect puzzle piece fit for one another that we are now.
After seeing each other randomly throughout the years, Shannyn spotted me driving to work one day in my old truck. As she has told me, she just wanted to say hi that day but couldn’t get rid of me afterwards. Our connection from there only grew stronger as we started to spend more and more time together. On Christmas Eve in 2011, I asked her to be my girlfriend for the second time. She made me a very happy man by saying yes that day.
We both worked long and odd hours, but I always made time to see her. I remember working crazy long hours and the only thing on my mind was getting to see Shannyn. Whether short on time or sleep, we have always made time for each other. Even with busy schedules, making one another a priority is how we make it work, and will continue to make it work no matter what life throws at us.
Shannyn hates to travel, but loves visiting new places (so I always end up driving!). After a few awesome trips different parts of the Texas coast, we had more picture perfect moments than I can recall (except for the ones we took pictures of haha). In the words of a band named LanCo in their song “Greatest Love Story,” “But I was what you wanted and you were what I needed.” Shannyn is the person that I found I needed in my life to make everything click. Now we have so many plans for the future and I look forward to all of the adventures we’re going to have together.
Shannyn began strongly “dropping the hint” that she was ready for me to pop the question. Even still, she was completely caught off guard when it happened. I am not normally a planner, but I put so much thought and effort into creating the perfect proposal. The day I was going to propose, there was a horrible thunderstorm, ruining my plans. Instead, I took her to ice skating at Panther Island with close friends and family. She was skating around having a great time, taking pictures with a family friend, when I “fell” down. Shannyn thought that I could help myself up, but I insisted on her help. When she placed her hand in mine, I pulled out the ring. My future in-law and secret camera man, Robbie, rushed in with his giant camera, came sliding in, and still managed to capture the moment mid-slide. Shannyn said yes.
I could go on forever about the five amazing years that we have had together and the countless more that I can imagine we will have. But, the moral of my story is, that even after a very rocky start to our friendship, True Love brought Shannyn and I back together and will keep us together forever, as long as I have something to say about it!
Dress: Moilee by Madeline Gardner
Pants and shirt from Cavenders – Vest from Mens Wearhouse
Jewelry: James Avery / Zales
Bridal Shoes: Toms
Hair and Makeup: Amber Joy
Bridal party pre-wedding outfits: JC Penny’s
Bridesmaid Dresses: Bliss Bridal Salon
Venue: 809 @ Vickery
Florals: A Little Bens, Cleburne, TX.
Coordinator: Jenny Wehr with Willows by Wehr in Columbiana, OH.
Caterer: Mariposas Latin Cusine
Cake: Moonlight Cakes
Cake topper: Flowers from A Little Bens.
DJ: SRD Events


Caitlin and Cameron met while he was working as a bartender and fate would bring Caitlin into the bar to have a drink. After chatting for a bit they realized they had too much in common to not explore it…so they began dating right away! Caitlin and Cameron dated for a short SEVEN years before he finally proposed (I’m sure many ladies can relate to this painful anticipation :))! Finally, on Christmas morning they were exchanging gifts and as Caitlin opens her box she finds a Cowboys jersey with Cameron’s last name, “Brown”, written on the back! Family came rushing in as he got down and proposed!!

Caitlin was so amazing to work with, and she made the most beautiful bride!! Cameron and Caitlin, I wish you guys so much love and happiness!

Dress: Allure (came from Anonymously Yours)
Hair and Makeup: Bethany Pierce
Flowers: Lizzie Bee’s Flower Shoppe

Madeline and Jon are clearly a match made in heaven. Jon was stationed in Japan in the Air Force and a mutual friend started telling him about Madeline. Shortly after, she became single and their friend started telling her about Jon, but she didn’t think she wanted to date a military man. Let’s just say their friend was persistent, and she finally agreed to meet him at a get-together out at a Ranch. Flirting isn’t Jon’s forte, so Madeline left there not really knowing if he liked her or not. That all cleared up when he called and asked her to dinner. Saying that Jon knew right away that Madeline was “the one” would be an understatement! Within a month he was hinting at marriage, and started planning the proposal!

The day of the proposal they packed food for a picnic, while their family was organizing a surprise engagement party. Then they headed out to picnic at a friend’s property that had a floating dock. Right as the rain started to trickle onto the tin roof, he handed her a letter that he had written for her, and said he would just kneel behind her so that he could read it too. Little did she know that he was fumbling behind her to get the ring box out of his boot! She turned around in shock to him on one knee asking her to marry him. After many hugs and “no ways”, he turned on the first song they had danced to and they danced on the dock (yes, it’s like a fairytale)! Then off they went to the engagement party! Needless to say, it was love at first sight for Madeline and Jon!

The engagement session has to be my all-time favorite! It’s extra special to these two because the session was done at the ranch where they met! 🙂2017-05-11_0001.jpg

Makeup by Amber Joy

Photography by Dallas Wedding Photographer Adria Lea Photography

“Cody & I met through my best friend, Jessica Gilbreath, whom I worked with at the time. She was dating a guy who was friends with Cody, and we were both “back on the market”. They invited us out on a double date, and didn’t think we would hit it off-but we did. More of “love at first sight” for Cody than for me, haha! He couldn’t two-step, and I was all about going country dancing that night. So we did, and he unwillingly danced with me (to make me happy, of course)! He hasn’t two-stepped with me since that night, so he must have really wanted to make an impression. At the end of the night he asked me for my number, and I proceeded to ask “why” (of course). I’m too good at asking questions sometimes. So I put my number in his phone, thinking that nothing would come of this night. We went our separate ways, and I left for Las Vegas the next day on a girls trip. Let’s just say my phone didn’t stop going off all weekend!
Six months later we took our first trip together as a couple, it was a blast! We went to Tennessee. We visited the Jack Daniels distillery, the Country Music Hall of Fame, saw Florida Georgia Line in concert, and hiked to waterfalls throughout the state. Needless to say, we knew then that we would get married. Yes, it was quick. As they say, “when you know, you know.” I had mentally prepared my parents (dad, specifically), for what was to come.
December 18, 2017 was a whirlwind. We were again on another trip, New York City this time. Cody had always wanted to see the Rockefeller tree, and we had dinner reservations at the Rockefeller center that night. It had snowed earlier that morning, and it was COLD. He begged me to walk to the tree before and after dinner, but I told him that it was too cold (oops!). He wanted to propose here. There were so many people around the tree it was almost impossible to get close to it. We saw a comedy show after dinner, and of course he couldn’t get made fun of at the comedy club for proposing. We finally made it back to the hotel, laid down for bed, and Cody sneakily hid the ring box under his pillow. He rolled over to me and said “could you spend the rest of your life with me?” And I knew then that he had been hiding a little surprise from me. Of course I said “duh, I could spend the rest of my life with you!” So…he pulled out the ring from under his pillow, and made me the happiest girl in the world.
No, the proposal wasn’t perfect. No, it didn’t turn out how he wanted. But it was perfect to me. Life will not always go as we plan in our heads. We adapt to our situations, bad or good. I would not choose another man to spend my life with, travel with, cook with, love unconditionally, or go through life’s bumpy roads with.
I love you, Cody Gene!”